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Manufacturer of wire mesh

reti sud about us

Reti Sud produce wire nettings for enclosures and is in the van for the quality of their finished products.

The dynamic of the productive processes, due to market exigencies, has always found a valid answer to the versatility of our productive organization; for this reason, with modern equipment, we have been easily able to produce fences for every need: field fence, tennis courts, villas, industrial installations, etc.Fences are produced with mild steel wires, with low carbon content, galvanized in conformity with international rules (ISO, EN)submitted to severe controls during the manifacture, guaranteeing an elevated standard of quality, a high degree of protection, as well as a long lasting duration. In addition to the above mentioned fences, we are able to supply poles, barbed wire, mild steel wires, ornamental fences and whatever is needed for a nice and strong enclosure.

Reti Sud is young, dynamic firm attentive of the market development.

The firm bases its own activity on the quality of the products and the punctuality of the deliveries; that’s how it succeeded in establishing a piece of market in the field of rod by-products. Having at disposal an excellent know now in its production, a research and development department, careful to the new technologies; in the firm, we were able to realize unique line of production systems, patended at an international level. These new installations of considerable productive capacity, have permitted us to realize wire nettings of excellent manufacture and low cost, introducing in the market products with first rate price-quality proportion, always aiming at the satisfaction of the demand.

Warranty Made in Italy

Reti Sud offers high-quality products that are appreciated all over the world

The care and attention to detail are the basis of the production process of Reti Sud. The company has been able to preserve the guarantee of quality typical of Italian products. Reti Sud do not work exclusively in the production of wire mesh fencing, but it offers a vast product catalog that includes multiple solutions related to agriculture, livestock farming, industry and residential.


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